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Safety does not happen by accident

Learning Application Simwave

Simwave Academy makes the maritime industry safer.
We offer a catalogue of skill-based online courses on-demand with the vision to maximise crew knowledge and efficiency and reduce incidents at sea.

With our team of experts, we have built an online environment focussed on continuous learning. Thereby increasing crew skill and development, and performance over time. By focussing on continuous learning, we aim to reduce the risk of knowledge-skill drop-off over time that can lead to accidents or incidents at sea.

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Simwave Tablet interface

Co-created kickstart

No Heroes collaborated with Simwave in creating the architecture and web application design for their learning management system. It accelerated the project setup process significantly. By streamlining the architectural design and implementing a robust web application core, we ensured that a solid foundation was built which allowed a smooth handover, empowering Simwave to focus on enhancing their platform's features and functionality.

Simwave Tablet interface
Simwave Tablet interface

Rich content designed for practical use

Content designed using rich visuals, infographics, videos and questionnaires to engage your crew, and convey important information. With multiple courses always available. There is a catalogue of courses your crew can enroll in depending on role and rank.

Simwave Desktop interface
Simwave Mobile interface
Simwave Mobile interface